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Why the name arriver?

When we arrive somewhere, most of the time the actual place is secondary to the people that we meet there. The purpose of arriver is to let you become the location. That’s why we called it arriver: It’s all about the one who arrives.


Why do I have to enable push notifications for arriver?

arriver informs you about important events related to your meeting so you can react accordingly. In case you disabled push notifications during installation of the app, you can enable them in your phones’ settings.

How do I send an arriver?

Simply tap the main button after starting the app. arriver will generate an invite which you can send to any person you want to meet up with. The invitee must activate this link to join.

What is Refine Position?

In some cases, you can define your position better than the GPS receiver in your smartphone. The feature Refine Position is built for that purpose. When you are at a fixed location and don’t plan to move any further, you can set a refined position to let the other person know exactly where to find you.

How do I use the Refine Position feature?

Go through OPTIONS and then REFINE POSITION. Simply move the map around to specify your current location. Don’t forget to hit the SET button on your way out.

Why do I have to wait after I send an arriver?

An arriver that has been send out is just an invitation to connect that must first be accepted by the invitee. Otherwise, someone could send you an arriver and be able to see your location without you noticing.

What does the question mark stand for?

The question mark indicates when the other person has no internet connection. Your arriver apps are communicating through a server and therefore need an internet connection.

How do I cancel an arriver and what happens then?

After you’ve met, arriver will shut off automatically. You don’t need to worry about canceling it manually.

But if you want to cancel it at any other occasion, that’s possible of course: Just tap the cross symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. The connection will be shut off and deleted immediately. This action cannot be reversed!

Will the other person be notified when I activate an arriver?


Can I reproduce an arriver?

No. Not you, any other person or even us.

Can I send an arriver to more than one person?

Not the same arriver, but you can send new invites to other people of course. This way your connections won’t inadvertently see each other.

Why does an arriver that hasn’t been activated expire?

Sometimes a set meeting doesn’t take place or the other person forgot to take their smartphone with them. In such a case an original arriver invite is not relevant anymore and therefore it should not be possible to activate it hours or even days after it has been send.

What effect does arriver have on the battery life of my smartphone?

If you are not moving or have refined your position the effect that the app has on your battery life is reduced to a minimum. While moving, the level of battery drain matches that of a common navigation app. arriver has to locate your position even when kept in the background, because it is the only way to successfully coordinate your meeting.


Who is able to see my position?

Exclusively the person that you share an arriver connection with.

Does the app locate my position all the time?

No. It just locates your position when active.

What data does the company collect when I use arriver?

The company just collects data that indicates where and when an arriver has been send and how the app performed throughout the meeting process. The company will not and cannot under any circumstances collect personal data.

How does the app know where I am?

The GPS receiver of your smartphone or the Wi-Fi that you are dialed into inform the app about your current location. It is the same technology that is being used by map services like Google or Apple Maps.

Does arriver access my contacts?


Does arriver record my usage of the app?

No. The connections can be created without any notice of your personal data. We do record performance data that bear no relation to you or any other user whatsoever.

Why don’t you collect personal data?

We don’t collect your personal data because you are not our product. Our product is a neutral agent. To design our business model that way is motivated by an ethical as well as an economic vision: we believe that to become a successful company in the digital sector means to offer products that provide the user full control of their personal data instead of the current model of selling that data as a product.


I’m unable to send an arriver.

Please check these possible sources of error:

  • Do you have a working internet connection?
  • Do you have sufficient cell phone reception?
  • Is your smartphone in flight mode or your SIM card locked?

If none of this solves your problem, please write us a message and describe the occurring error:

I have other problems with arriver that are not described here.

Please write a message to


Can I use arriver everywhere?

Yes, everywhere you have a working internet connection.

How do I activate an arriver when I haven’t downloaded the app yet?

You must download it first – otherwise, let’s say on a web app, we could not protect your privacy.

After the installation, you tap on the link in the recently received invite in order to open the app and activate the arriver.

Does it cost me anything when I use arriver abroad?

Depending on your mobile provider, various charges may apply when sending an SMS, especially when abroad.

The exchange of data can also result in some costs because the arriver app is communicating through a server when connected to another person. The exchanged quantities of data are very low due to optimized communication technology – comparable to using a common map service. As the exact amount of expenses depend on your internet provider, we cannot make an authoritative statement and therefore do not assume responsibility and expressly disclaim liability for those costs.

Do you also offer localized versions of arriver?

Sorry, but currently there is just an English version available. Because we are a German company, we are going to release a German version of the app soon and other languages will follow.

Does arriver work between different mobile platforms?