Connect for a moment.

arriver connections disappear after a meeting. Experience true peace of mind in meeting anyone anywhere. Meetings arranged with arriver leave no trace.

We respect your privacy.

arriver is a smooth experience from the beginning. It avoids logins, stores no profiles or history. By not collecting your personal data, arriver is a neutral meeting service.

Smart and elegant.

arriver assists you in your everyday life. Meeting other people becomes a seamless and intuitive experience. arriver acts smart and effortless: It’s the easy way to meet.

About Us

arriver was invented in 2013 by Felix Langhof in Berlin, because he felt it was time for the next step in how we meet other people. While everybody has a smartphone on hand, equipped with the right technology and the necessary tools, why are we still having to send send messages back and forth or call each other just to ask “where are you?”? arriver makes it a rather smooth experience to meet anywhere, spontaneously and with certainty.