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April 2014

General Information

arriver is a new social navigation app for iPhone and Android that connects the locations of two or more users in real-time. Using the built-in GPS functionality of your phone, it brings people together and shuts off automatically when its job is done. arriver is built solely for meeting coordination and is developed as a neutral product that collects no user data. It cannot create user profiles or collect personal information. arriver has a business model based on developing and selling a solid, useful product instead of drawing profit from trading users’ data.

Fact Sheet (Effective April 2014)

  • App

    Name: arriver
    Price: Free. Ad-free upgrade for $0,90 or the comparable price in respective store.
    Languages: English. Other languages will follow in the near future.
    Platforms: iOS and Android.

  • Company

    Name: Jyffi GmbH
    Headquarters: Berlin
    Employees: 4
    Formation: 2013
    Founders: Felix Langhof and Oliver Freitag
    Investors: Private, Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)

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